Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Simon Guobadia Net Worth and How He Built His Empire

This engaging blog post will look at Simon Guobadia net worth today. We’ll explore how he achieved great fortune with a thriving career and a fulfilling personal and social life. Stay tuned for some fascinating insights!

Simon Guobadia is a Nigerian-American philanthropist, entrepreneur, and executive producer. It was June 2, 1964, when he was born in Nigeria. He is the founder of SIMCOL Petroleum Limited Company, created in 2010 by Simon Guobadia.

Simon Guobadia’s net worth is expected to be about $40 million in 2023 as per The Washington Independent.

In May 2021, he made headlines after getting engaged to Porsha Williams just one month after they started dating. On November 25, 2022, they were married in a traditional Nigerian ceremony based on native law and custom.

Full Name

 Simon Iyore Guobadia

Known As

 Simon Iyore Guobadia


June 2, 1964 – Nigeria


Philanthropist, entrepreneur, and executive producer


Porsha Williams

Net Worth

$40 million

Simon Guobadia Early Life

Simon Iyore Guobadia was born in Nigeria on June 2, 1964, to his parents, Stanley and Martina Guobadia. His family includes over seven younger siblings from upper-middle-class backgrounds.

He considers himself a fortunate man who has experienced a childhood filled with love and care. His father was the Assistant Director of Prisons in the Nigerian Prison Services.

Simon Guobadia education

Simon Guobadia received his education from Loyola College, a Catholic-run boarding school in Oyo State, and Government College Ughelli in Delta State, Nigeria.

Even though he didn’t finish school he took a  bold step in 1982 and headed to the United States to start the next phase of his life. This decision represents his determination for a better life.

When Simon Guobadia arrived in the US he undertook a journey to pursue a business administration and accounting degree at the University of the District of Columbia.

Despite facing several challenges, he strived tirelessly and in 1993, he earned his bachelor’s degree. This remarkable achievement showcases how he overcame obstacles and achieved academic excellence in Nigeria and the US.

Simon Guobadia Age, Height, and Weight

In 2023, Simon Guobadia celebrated his 58th birthday making him 58 years old. Approximately 60 kilograms and 5 ’11 ” in height.

Simon Guobadia Net worth and How He Achieved it

Although Simon Guobadia keeps his assets and new business operations under wraps, people expect his net worth to reach about $40 million by 2023 as per The Washington Independent .

But in 2024, Simon Guobadia net worth will be more than that and should be around $50 to $55 million, as expected.


Before venturing into his business, Simon Guobadia served as a tax manager at the management consulting firm Deloitte, located in Atlanta, Georgia. He dedicated approximately two and a half years of his time there from August 2004 until December 2006.

Following his passion and ambition, Simon took the entrepreneurial spring. He founded SIMCOL Group in January 2007—a family-owned company with its roots planted firmly by him.

Within the vast spectrum of SIMCOL Group, multiple legal businesses found a home, including those engaged in petroleum wholesaling, logistics, multimedia, hotels, and finance. Taking the command as the company’s CEO and first-generation owner, Simon Guobadia embarked on a remarkable journey.

SIMCOL petroleum limited

Among the ventures flourishing under the umbrella of SIMCOL Group, SIMCOL Petroleum Limited Company holds a prominent position.

Installed in Atlanta, Georgia, this company specializes in gasoline. A primary focus of SIMCOL Petroleum is supplying and distributing ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and other fuels.

Simon’s innovative approach and determination have proven instrumental in the growth of SIMCOL Petroleum. He successfully transformed the customer base from primarily consisting of daily deals to securing significant fixed-price contracts.

Simon Guobadia net worth is a testament to his business sense and industry expertise, which extend beyond the fuel industry.

It is evident how he replicates his knowledge and discipline in other humanitarian and commercial projects. Having spent over a decade in the fuel industry, Simon Guobadia has become a famous entrepreneur.

Simon Guobadia in entertainment business

Simon Guobadia is a prominent investor who has significantly contributed to the growth of Atlanta’s nightlife. In the current entertainment scene in the city, he owns many local companies. A popular nightclub, The Republic Lounge, attracts a diverse crowd of partygoers, as does DAS BBQ II, which serves delicious barbecue.

Simon Guobadia in hospitality business

In addition to these establishments, Simon has also invested in LDV Hospitality subsidiary, American Cut Steakhouse. The high-end restaurant offers luxurious dining.

With these investments, Simon Guobadia net worth demonstrates his aptitude for finding profitable ventures and his commitment to helping Atlanta’s local businesses and economy thrive.

Simon Guobadia has his own restaurant

In 2017, Simon added another feather to his cap by starting his restaurant, Simon’s Restaurant. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused the restaurant to shut down permanently in 2020.

Simon Guobadia as a movie producer

Simon Guobadia’s portfolio includes producing several movies and TV series, including Son of the South (2020), Kill (2019)Ken Ford Live from the Buckhead Theater (2013), and Jail Dogs (2013) as IMDB. He also worked with Academy Award winner Spike Lee on Son of the South in 2020.

This versatile experience reflects his innovative mindset and hugely benefits Simon Guobadia net worth.

Simon Guobadia trailblazer’s journey in the Music Business

Simon Guobadia’s business sense and entrepreneurial spirit have guided him to several successful joint partnerships.

His famous collaboration was with Twelve Music and Publishing, a company that has helped launch the careers of numerous artists.

Besides producing, managing, and distributing music, Simon partnered with music mogul Akon through KES Entertainment Group as per his website.

This partnership let Simon leverage his music industry expertise and extend his reach beyond his ventures. Another successful joint venture that Simon has been a part of is Simon Paige Productions.

It has supported bringing several compelling stories to the screen through diverse film and television projects. All these initiatives in the music industry repay heavily to Simon Guobadia net worth.

Simon Guobadia Philanthropic Work

While Simon Guobadia has accomplished much as a record producer, entrepreneur, and investor, his greatest passion is philanthropy.

In addition to being committed to supporting members of his community and others undergoing financial difficulties he displays a genuine concern for his community.

Among Simon’s ways of giving back is to support his local faith community. His church benefits greatly from his generosity.

His regular donations go to North Point Ministries, a Metro Atlanta coalition of seven churches. Several community programs, services, and initiatives benefit from Simon’s contributions.

The community is essential to him, so he works to assist fellow members facing financial hardships.

Simon Guobadia Other Business Ventures

Simon Guobadia’s net worth is a testament to his drive to succeed as an entrepreneur, leading to various investments that go beyond the fuel industry. His diverse experience spans across different fields, including entertainment, music, movies, food, beverages, and hospitality.

Despite his passions, he has significantly contributed to Atlanta, Georgia, through these investments. He supports and develops the local community through many endeavors, showing his commitment to people and place.

Simon Guobadia Personal Life

Backyard Swing to Golf Range: How Guobadia Hones His Game

In his free time, Guobadia frequently fulfills his golfing urge. He actively shares Instagram posts capturing himself playing with his golf swing on the course and practicing at home in his backyard and the golf range.

Simon Guobadia Passion for Car Collecting

In June 2022, Simply Buckhead magazine featured the CEO because of his fascinating passion for car collecting. During the interview, he openly shared his love for luxury vehicles.

He proudly revealed that his current collection, worth over $2 million, includes an impressive array of cars. Among them are three stunning Rolls-Royces—a Phantom, a Cullinan, and a Dawn—along with a sleek Ferrari 812 GTS, a custom Coachmen Mauck2 van, a powerful Mercedes-AMG S63, and a stylish Cadillac Escalade.

“I just love them,” Guobadia says. “I love the history around certain vehicles, whether they’re Italian or British or German.”

Even more remarkable is that in January 2022, he surprised Williams with an incredibly thoughtful gift: his and hers Rolls-Royce Ghosts.

Williams couldn’t contain her excitement and expressed her gratitude by posting delightful snapshots of herself in the new car on Instagram, along with the heartfelt hashtag “#ThankYouHubby.”

This gesture exemplified their strong bond and shared passion for the finer things in life.

Simon Guobadia first wife Karron English

Karron English and Simon Guobadia were once married and blessed with two children. They had been together for 20 years, but unfortunately, their marriage concluded. Simon Guobadia never spoke about his first wife and was usually silent about her. Their children, Quentin Guobadia and Nicole Guobadia, were the product of their union.

Despite the divorce being finalized, the settlement details between Karron English and Simon Guobadia have not been made public. It remains unknown what the terms of their separation agreement were.

Karron English, Simon’s first wife, teaches as a Professor of Fashion at the Art Institute Atlanta for over 14 years. She earned her Master’s degree in fashion/apparel design and merchandising from the Academy of Art University and completed her BA and associate degrees in the same subject there.

Simon Guobadia second wife Falynn Guobadia

Simon Guobadia had been married twice, and his second marriage was to Falynn Guobadia. They both have a daughter named Ximena. Similarly, Falynn had been married twice before tying the knot with Simon.

Simon Guobadia second wife Falynn Guobadia result result

Source: Instagram Post

At their marriage, Simon was a father of five children, while Falynn had three children. However, the couple decided to move their separate ways after some time. Simon filed for divorce in January 2001, indicating their marriage had broken down. Despite this, the couple continued to co-parent their children amicably.

On April 22, 2021, Simon and Falynn officially announced their separation. While their separation is clouded, the couple has expressed their responsibility to prioritize their children’s well-being during this difficult time.

Simon Guobadia engaged with Porsha Williams

In May 2021, the news was abuzz with the engagement of the person who had recently made headlines. Surprisingly after just a month of dating, he proposed to Porsha Williams.

This was a whirlwind romance that caught many off guard. But their love tale didn’t end there; it was just the start. On November 25, 2022, the couple tied the knot in a traditional Nigerian ceremony honoring their roots and cultural heritage.

This event kept a significant milestone in their affinity, symbolizing their devotion to each other in the presence of their loved ones.

The timing of their engagement and wedding was both ironic and unexpected, as they proved that sometimes true love could blossom quickly defying societal norms and expectations.

Where do Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams live?

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia’s home is in Sandy Springs, a highly sought-after neighborhood in Georgia.

Sandy Springs is famous for those desiring a luxurious lifestyle because of its upscale homes with beautiful parks and excellent schools.

The incredible estate currently serving as Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams’ residence is valued at $7 million.

Source: The Real Estate Insider

In January of 2022, they moved into this stunning residence, which had been constructed in 2018, and it is situated on a large lot that spans two acres. Elegant transitional Mediterranean architecture is featured throughout the home’s design, spanning 50,284 square feet.

You will find plenty of remarkable comforts within this opulent home that cater to your every need.

The residence has enough room for Simon, Porsha, and their children, thanks to the mansion’s five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. Additionally, a sophisticated home gym enables people to continue their exercise habits without leaving the convenience of their own house. The home itself represents Simon Guobadia net worth.

Simon Guobadia On Social Media

Simon Guobadia regularly shares his picture and video content on social media platforms. On Instagram, he shares his daily life, glimpses of his home, and photos of his beautiful wife, Porsha Williams. With 293 k followers, he is doing great on Instagram, although he is actively busy with his diverse businesses.

His Facebook account has only 2.9 k followers, which may need to be higher for him. He may have less time for his fans and followers to put on this social media account. He posted his office pictures along with different job vacancies and photographs of his wife along with him.

Simon Guobadia has a website where he shares all his life and business ventures along with his humanitarian and Philanthropic work.

Simon Guobadia Quotes

Simon Guobadia Net Worth and How He Built His Empire Quote

Source: Instagram Post, Image quote designed using Canva by Faisal Khan

‘A Person’s Pattern of behavior is Telling of There Mental Disposition. Never ignores a Person’s Pattern of  behavior, they’re Like a Movie You’ve Seen Before.’

  • Message to my kids:
  • ‘You are already wealthy. Daddy has invested and equipped you with the best education and mental health counseling money can buy. Now go live your best life.’

Key Takeaways from His Success

Diversification and Business Acumen

These two crucial elements have been pivotal in Simon Guobadia’s success. His talent for exploring varied business opportunities has contributed to his achievements.

It all began with SIMCOL Group, a company owned by his family. Simon took this as a foundation and expanded it ambitiously, adding multiple businesses in diverse industries like petroleum wholesaling, logistics, multimedia, hotels, and finance. The smart move was applying his expertise and discipline to different sectors to increase Simon Guobadia net worth significantly.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Innovation

Initially, Simon worked as a tax manager, dealing with financial matters and numbers. Despite this, he always craved something more, a desire to create something memorable and meaningful.

This burning passion for entrepreneurship drove him to step out of his comfort zone and leap into the unknown business world.

With sheer determination and unwavering confidence in his abilities, Simon laid the foundation for SIMCOL Group.

He embraces new technologies and creative ideas with unconventional problem-solving methods frequently. With this strategy, SIMCOL Group stood out from its competitors and attracted customers and investors.

Simon’s enterprising drive continues to serve as an example to everyone around him, showing that anyone with the desire, the inventiveness, and the willingness to take chances may make their dreams come true.

Charity & Community Involvement

Despite his enormous financial success, Simon Guobadia’s greatest love is in charity and engaging with the community. He thinks that one of the finest ways to make society better is to give back to the community.

He supports several initiatives Throughout his community, including local faith communities and financial assistance programs. By supporting local businesses and helping others, he displays his commitment beyond merely financial gains.


Who is the owner of Simcol Petroleum?

Simon Guobadia is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SIMCOL Group.

Who was Simon’s ex-wife?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Falynn Guobadia, 31, took to her Instagram Story to announce that she is “officially divorced” from her former husband, Simon Guobadia. Now engaged to her co-star Porsha Williams, Simon had his marriage to Falynn end, and she celebrated the milestone.

What is the age difference between Porsha and Simon?

Entrepreneur Simon Guobadia, 58, has married The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Porsha Williams 42. The age difference between them is 15 years.

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